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UKIP News review

UKIP News Update

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National news

Norman Tebbit walks a fine line. The BBC are reporting that the Tory 'big beast' in this case the big polecat that is Norman Tebbit is directly contradicting Dave 'boy' Cameron in suggesting that the Conservative Party have no business endorsing John Bercow in Buckingham. In a pre-record for the Politics show Tebbitt is quoted as saying,
In an interview to be broadcast on BBC One's The Politics Show on Sunday, Lord Tebbit said people were free "to vote for or indeed to campaign for, any candidate who comes close to their own views".

"There is not a Conservative candidate, so they have to look around. And they will make a choice," he said.

"I don't think it's any business of the Conservative Party to instruct even its activists and members in who they should vote for in that sense, or indeed campaign for.

"Mr Bercow is not a Conservative candidate. He is an independent candidate. And it's, in my view, not the business of the Conservative Party to support independent candidates."

Lord Tebbit's comments are at odds with party leader Mr Cameron, who last month told the Bucks Herald newspaper: "In this election I would certainly urge all Conservatives - and, indeed, supporters of all parties and of none - to vote for the Speaker, John Bercow."
This is followed up in the Express, which also gives space for a paen of tribute to Farage from Neil Hamilton,
In our House of Commons you could give no quarter in debate yet still have a drink and a laugh with most opponents afterwards. In 1911 FE Smith, the most acidly witty Tory MP of all time, and Churchill, then a Liberal hothead, formed a cross-party dining club called The Other Club.

Rule 12 said: “Nothing in the rules or intercourse of the club shall interfere with the rancour or asperity of party politics.” To penalise an MEP for exercising free speech is anti-democratic. Being rude to pompous nonentities like van Rompuy is positively good for them. Farage is a hero. He takes democracy seriously. That is the real reason for his fine.
Dan Hannan's blog seems to have become fixated on Farage and associated thoughts over the past week.
Chris Booker keeps fighting the good fight on Energy policy. Will somebody please wake up to the looming crisis?

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