Friday, March 05, 2010

Home Office statement on Wilders -

From the Mail,
A Home Office spokesman said: "The Government regrets the decision by Baroness Cox and Lord Pearson to invite Geert Wilders to the House of Lords for a private showing of his film Fitna. However, we currently have no reason to deny Mr Wilders admission to the UK.

'The Government continues to oppose extremism in all its forms and retains the right to refuse foreign nationals, including European Union citizens, access to the UK if we believe they represent a threat to security or our society.
'The behaviour of foreign nationals while in the UK will be taken into consideration when considering granting access to the country in the future."
They regret the decision do they? It is not really their business to regret or otherwise. Is it legal, Yes? Then shut up, that is all that is relevant.

"We currently have no reason to deny Mr Wilders..."
Currently? Surely they have no current reason to block Mr Zuma or anybody else. But would they make such a statment about anybody else.

Bias, prejudice and all sorts of other things they decry in others.



So how did we get so many bombers,rapists,murderers,violent criminals and sex-slavers,if the administration is so choosy about who it admits?The statement should read"people WE do not like"

Anonymous said...

'...and retains the right to refuse foreign nationals, including European Union citizens'

I would like to see the outcome of that particular piece of self-delusion.

Anonymous said...

Labour talking sniffily about extremists is laughable - they're probably the most extremist party we've ever had in government. They should be locked up!

By the way, Wilders trashed a beeboid's arguments - highly recommended viewing!

brett said...

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