Sunday, March 07, 2010

Norman Tebbit,

The chorus on Conservative Home seem to be conflicted over Lord Tebbit, what to do with the prodigal grandfather. Tebbit's appearance (19 mins in) where he does everything but endorse Nigel Farage in the Buckingham seat, and where he entirely contradicts the position of Daviod Cameron.
Tebbit last year skirted expulsion from the Conservative Part by inches as he again. A majority of the commentators entirely support his view, a minority agree with an unnamed shadow cabinet member who describe him as "completely out of control".
One quite good idea is thrown up though.
There is no Conservative candidate in Buckingham, therefore, local activists should be able to campaign for and vote for whoever they wish.

Perhaps the best thing for the party would be for us to encourage Buckingham activists to go and help in the marginals. I'm sure there are places in Reading West or Milton Keynes South West.

Alok Sharma and Iain Stewart are far more deserving of activists' energy and effort that the circus parade of misfits and attention-seekers in Buckingham.

Seems quite sane to me, there again I am not in Tory Campaign office, and I am not in a muck sweat about a House of Commons with a 20 sat majority and Nigel Farage on the back benches articulating what a majority of the new Governments benches would like to say, but are whipped agianst.


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