Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Flying out of left-field on Greece

No here is a strange one,

This just popped into my inbox,
It was yesterday evening that I was informed that a Her Majesty's subject of Greek stock,Sir Basil Markesinis, is to be "chosen" as the new premier of Greece. In my mind, if that happens, it will be a disaster. Sir Basil is the son of a Greek statesman, Spyros Markesinis, but has lived in Britain so far and has no immixtion in Greek affairs.If truth be told, he will be merely an "improved" Papandreou variety. For he is another establishment's "good boy". We shall embark, therefore, on a campaign for his "candidacy" to be deleted.

Now Sir Basil is quite a chap. He neck is bowed by awards and his office wall groans under citations and hios CV stretches to 22 close typed pages.

Any truth in this, any Greek reader care to enlighten me?

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Anonymous said...

No truth in it whatsover.