Tuesday, March 09, 2010

New Tricks: Liberal nostrums

The BBC was at it again last night. I stumbled home and flicked on the box, to watch the oldsters police show New Tricks. I generally quite enjoy its untroubling pace, I can cook, eat wash up and so on whilst it burbles on its inoffensive way.

But recently it has got rather political. Last week the storyline was about a US coverup of a ctrashed extraordinary rendition flight. (Evil Yankees ride roughshod over the liberties of Britis (even terrorist suspect Brits).

And this week ended with the police team deliberately turning a blind eye to a warehouse full of illegal immigrants, indeed, tipping of the nice liberal chap who inadvertently mentioned their existence and giving them a chance to disappear before the Home Office turned up.

Worse still when the suspicion raises that there was a tip off the response of the boss is to ignore it and call for the team to go to the pub.

What the blithering heck are the BBC playing at? Don't they get it? Illegal immigration is a serious problem. This sort of thing has no place in a light entertainment series. Maybe a documentary about how some politicised police are helping people break law that they don't believe in for PC reasons. But not this.

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