Monday, January 18, 2010

"Tell me what I want to hear and I will give you other people's money"

The deal seems tpo be that as fewer and fewer people seem to be suckered by the alarmist agenda over the possibility of mankind's influence on the climate then those that wish to change our lives need to do more and more to convince us.

Thus it comes as no surprise when we discover that the EU is pouring money down the throats of climate alarmists. This answer to some question's by Godfrey Bloom can givce you a flavour of the extent by which we are paying to be propagandised to on the subject.

The question was this,

Can the Commission provide details about the amount of money that the EU has given to ‘Climate Action Network Europe’ for their campaign against climate change?
Bloom asked the same question about Friends of the Earth and the WWF.

The answer came back, only a couple of months late.

"The three organisations referred to in the question all benefit from operating grants from the Commission in 2009 through the programme for financial support to European non-governmental organisations primarily active in the field of environmental protection under the LIFE+ Regulation , managed by Directorate General Environment....
Beneficiaries of the operating grants must show that they contribute to the EU policy process in the priority areas of the 6th Environmental Action Programme, i.e. climate change, nature and biodiversity, environment and health, natural resources and waste and cross-cutting issues. The work programme of Climate Action Network Europe presents activities mainly under the climate change priority. The other two organisations cover almost all the priority policy fields...

Name of organisation Maximum amount 2009
Friends of the Earth Europe € 813.721
WWF European Policy Office € 661.878
Climate Action Network Europe € 259.762

As a charming little adition they added this,

"Under the "Youth in Action" programme, delegated by the Commission to the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), the organisation Friends of the Earth Europe has been awarded two grants:

- one grant under the action 1.3 "Youth democracy projects". The project, "The Countdown to Copenhagen: The European Youth Voice on the Future of Climate Change" has been contractualised in 2008 and takes place in 2009. The amount of the grant is EUR 38.000.

- a second grant under the action 4.3 "Training and networking of those active in youth work and youth organisations". The project "Building capacity for youth participation in friends of the Earth Europe" has been contractualised in 2009 and will take place in 2010. The amount of the grant is of EUR 45.814,90.
Oh the taxpayer is so generous. Yes the taxpayer is funding a pressure group to proselytise and gain youth members. Who see it as their task to lobby the EU for policies set by the EU. Magic

And just look at the finacial disclaimer on the FoE Europe website. Yup they get money from all these groups.
EU Commission DG Environment, EU DG Employment and Social Affairs, EU DG
Development, German Ministry of Environment - UBA, Dutch Ministry of Environment - VROM, James M Goldsmith Foundation, Sigrid Rausing Trust, European Climate Foundation, Oak Foundation, Isvara Foundation, Heinrich Boll Foundation, Humanitarian Group Social Development, OxfamNovib, Trocaire, Friends of the Earth International and Friends of the Earth Europe's member groups.
ow I don't know, but as this list is far from alphabetical, whats to be that that is is done in a decending order of size of grant?

I note as an aside that the European Cliamte Foundation has wandered into the cross hairs of a certain Richard North.

The Express picks up the story


Independent England said...

This is precisely what happens when supranational organisations - separated far from the 'little people' they represent, get such awesome power, and to spend taxpayers money without fear of democratic accountability.
This is why not only must the UK leave the EU, but England must cede from the UK, regain control over our taxes, stop the Scottish subisidy, and once again be an independent sovereign nation.

バックリンク said...

That's unfair to people, but how can people do to change that, sad.

Indonesian Potency said...

good knowledge for me,thanks