Thursday, February 04, 2010

Celebrity politicos?

An amused Nigel Farage was speaking at the Oxford Union last night. The event went well, all rather jovial.

"The oddest thing", an observer said later "was that a number of students came up afterwards profering his flyers asking him to sign them".

Maybe we should have a UKIP personalities cigarette card pack?


Anonymous said...

I'd collect the Godfrey Bloom card

JJ said...

Nigel Farage is a thoroughly good egg!

Anonymous said...

Have met both Nige and Godders.
decent type of chappies ,in fact so
decent I cant bring myself to vote for them.Our concern for England
has a dire need for types with steel toe caps and attitude.Pity the English live in villages.

North Mercian

John said...

I knew I should have started an autograph book..