Monday, November 16, 2009

Ancona is barking over Barking

Mathew d'Ancona is badly wrong when he calls for the three main parties to "collaborate and field a single candidate to ensure that Griffin is defeated comprehensively and definitively".

Utterly nuts.

An object lesson in how to play into the hands of the BNP. Again we would see the sight of the political establishment closing ranks against the BNP. All well and good, but of course this allows Griffin and his supporters to (accurately?) portray themselves as victimised by an establishment that doesn't care about the white working class.

All parties must work the patch hard, they must explain why they are relevant, and what they will do to deal with mass immigration, poor schools, disasterous housing, and dire crime rates. Then and only then will the BNP threat subside.

Not by gangimg up against him and allowing him to portray himself as a villain.

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