Monday, November 16, 2009

What are ID cards for?

Well according to today's announcement from the Home Office,

"2. The National Identity Service will deliver recognisable benefits to residents, businesses and local authorities. They include:

• a universal and simple proof of identity that brings convenience for organisations and individuals and means an end to the use of photocopied bank statements, phone
bills and birth certificates;

• ensuring that foreign nationals living, working and studying here legally are able to easily prove their identity and prevent those here illegally from benefiting from the privileges of Britain; and

• travel in Europe, using the identity card which fits in a wallet or purse.

The Minister states that it will help "entering a nightclub". I just wonder if she is so ugly that the style police won't let her in?

But £250,000 a day for this. ID cards were in the past going to protect us from terrorism, next week we will be told that they can help us to knit and ride out bikes.

They are wrong, in practice, in principle and economics. They are threatening to liberty and they and the databse state that they reveal are something that all of us should oppose.


BTS said...

Doesn't a passport work for all those things they listed?

And you'll still need bank statements and suchlike as proof of address unless they're planning on giving access to the database to Phones4U staff when you want a new mobile contract.

Anonymous said...

"Travel in Europe"

Are we going into the Schengen Treaty then?