Sunday, November 15, 2009

Who'se a naughty Europe Minister?

In a piece of rather splendid timing, just weeks before Spain takes over the EU Presidency we discover that Diego Lopez Garrido is up for fraud.
Madrid - Spain's secretary of state for Europe is to be questioned by a judge over allegations he misappropriated public funds, just weeks before Madrid takes over the EU presidency, judicial sources said Friday.

The judge ruled admissible a complaint by a conservative law centre that Diego Lopez Garrido granted tens of thousands of euros of government aid to the Alternatives Foundation, a think-tank close to the ruling Socialist Party and which he used to head.
He has met up with Chris Bryant our internet model come Europe Minister. What with our expenses scandal they will no doubt have much to talk about.

But if they had it would be less damaging than what the did talk about. It appears that they
joined to discuss the UK’s Climate Change Act and how similar policies may be introduced in other European countries.

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