Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What business is it of his

Watching BBC News today and they are streaming from the Speaker's Conference. John Bercow it appears, has invited the party leaders to speak about the make up of their candidates lists, as to their ethnic, gender, cultural, sexuality etc. and so on.

Accordig to the Beeb he had told them he was keen to influence the way that parties select their candidates to ensure equality.

I only heard Cameron, he was talking about introducing female only short lists for by-elections.

Hold on a moment though, what business is it of the speaker to put pressure to political parties on how they select candidates?

Concentrate on your job Mr Bercow and stop grandstanding. After all making sure that the House is run properly is

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Budgie said...

Bercow's job is to extend his own remit. It used to be called empire building. They are all at it (with a very few exceptions).