Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Milliband stoops to stoop

Milliband's comments today in Foreig questions were illustrative of exactly what is wrong with this government, and sadly how weak Her Majesty's Opposition are,
"The future of this country depends on whole-heartedengagement in the EU, making Britain's case and ensuring that we arepart of a mainstream majority. This Government is proud to be alongside 27 governments, 26 opposition parties in saying that now is the time to put the Lisbon Treasty into practice and to ensure that it benefits all the citizens in Europe."
Of course the one thing that this devalued Goverment would never dream of doing is 'to be alongside' the wishes of its people, no it couldn't do that, but it sides with the political elites across Europe against their people.

"It is a great pity that the party opposite is stuck in the past."
But of course it is the elite that are stuck in their centrist sclerotic past.

However the Tories were hamstrung with Hague trying but failing to put his new EP Group behind him.

The best he could come up with uis that is was a"great pity" that the Government had broken an election manifesto promise to hold a referendum on EU reform.
A great pity!
I wonder why he was as weak as that? Is it because he knows that his own party will not be able to offer his much vaunted referendum, because he knows that it will be a fait accompli and he and his cohorts haven't the stomache or the bottom to take up the cudgels required for our freedom.

Milliband is offered an easy target, no matter how disegeous he is, because the Tories have nothing to say, nothing to add.
"We stand ready to have questions on Europe, of which there are none, and debates about Europe, which you are refusing to have."
The bugger is that Millband has a point. The Tories will do anything rather than have a debate about Europe.

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