Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Green shoots of localism, maybe

Well it must be something like that if this press release from the dreadful British Wind Energy Association,
"Figures revealed today at the wind industry’s annual conference in Liverpool show that local council approvals of wind farm applications have fallen to a shocking new low of just 25%."
I think I need to pick myself up from the floor, but this suggests that despite the bullying, bribery and propaganda, local authorities are beggining to see through the greenwash and represent the interests of their constituents.

Stranger things have happened (not many I grant you).

But the bleating, frighteningly anti-democratic bleating that is at their conference is almost self-parody, listen to BWEA Chief Executive, Maria McCaffery MBE,

“Winning approvals at appeal is second best for everyone, it is expensive, slow and cumbersome for developers and frustrating & confusing for local people. We need a fresh, new approach to local decision making where Councils are not unduly swayed by vocal NIMBY pressure groups but make their judgements on the facts.”
That'll be the people who they represent. You know Maria, the locals. The people who live there. The constituents. The public. The voters, you know them. The ones that fill your gob with taxes, ripped unwillingly from their pockets.

And who is this jumping on the anti-democratic bandwagon with unbridled glee and expansive expenses-stuffed girth? Why it's that vile hoodlum and autocrat John Prescott,
'"It is absolutely scandalous that three quarters of all planning applications for onshore wind turbines are turned down. We cannot let the vocal minority stop our move to a low carbon economy and stop us meeting our global emissions targets.”
Vocal minority eh, so how is that they win, despite the money and propaganda poured out by your goverment you hectoring apology for a night club bouncer?

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