Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ask a stupid question.

Greece has shocked the European Union by adjusting its expected budget deficit for this year to 12.5 % of GDP, twice what was originally predicted. The announcement was made at the finance ministers meeting in Brussels yesterday by Greek Finance Minister, Papaconstantinou.

He 'fessed up about how the former government manipulated statistics and accidentally forgot to imclude include government debts in its figures.

Commissioner Almunia said the EU must investigate why and how Greece adjusted its statistical data.

He asked what?

As if we don't know. They did so in order to fraudulently join the Euro. We all know this, and the approach was more than tacitly supported by the European elite. Why? Simple. Because it was a political imperative.

I wonder how much the investigation is going to cost? And I am prepared to bet that the Commission's investigation will discover that nothing wrong happened at all desîte the Greeks admitting that it did.

Interestingly this story was brought to my attention by the Parliament's Czech press cuttings service, whereas the Greek service fails to mention it. I wonder why?

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