Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Governors barred from Westminster

The little saga of Hariet Harperson and her tropes barring access to the Houses of Parliament to the 72 MEPs in order to block vists by the BNP to Westminster is of course ridiculous.

Unpleasantly socialist they may be, unapologetically racist they are, but to suggest that overcrowding is the reason is risible. Refusal to accept the verdict ofthe electorate more like.

Of course Westminster was happy to have the Sinn Fein MEP visit last time, an unapologetic suporter of the IRA. It also seemed happy to give office space to Mr Adams and his party workers, all of whom would no doubt pass all security checks with flying colours.

However what is ironic of course is that, aprt from one or two Cabinet Ministers, MEPs have more real power to effect legislation than MPs. So why would they want to visit Westminster? It would be the political equivalent of slumming it.


Anonymous said...

It could also be that they have so few Labour MEPs that they want to keep a lid on this.

Michael McManus UKIP said...

I think its just typical establishment figure trying to "out-anti-racist" the others.

Anonymous said...

the more of these establishment attacks on the BNP happen , the more support they will get.

until the main parties engage with the public`s views on immigration things will get worse.