Friday, October 16, 2009

Freedom go to hell

Popped down to Westminster to see the fuss around the visit of Gert Wilders to be greeted by the Islamist rent-a-mob.
Seems to me that Mr Wilders may well have paid them to turn up just to prove his point.

There again I did like the little ditty being chanted,

"UK watch your back,

Islam is coming back!"

Where was it, when was it here before... We should be told.



When they arrive in this country they are escaping persecution,now they want to introduce the very same conditions that made them flee in the first place?muslim retard just about sums them up.

Anonymous said...

Sick of us panedring to these jihadists who aoppear to get away with whatever they want while we bleat 'human rights' and 'multiculturism'. God knows I have always detested the BNP but I am starting to think maybe they have some good points.....


Anonymous said...

I am an old man who survived the war and had during the war alot of respect for the Englisch government. I live in Holland.

This respect is totally gone. Islam is trying to take over the world. Look to the past. Even the great Moffi helped Hilter to destroy the jews.

Government wake up. See what is happing in the other 60 countries where islam is praying.

The reason why the government is doing nothing has to do with the fact that people from the left side only think about there own salary.

Anonymous said...

Gert is saying that an Islamific take over of Europe will result in: lack of freedom, lack of free speech, medieval repression of the human spirit...

And the protesters... are saying "Freedom go to hell", "Sharia law is the solution", "Islam will conque Europe".

Only in Europe, and specifically in England, are we so genteel that we will turn round, and bend down, for these 6th century primatives.

yasin-conservatives said...

I can safely say, as a Muslim who knows the Qu'ran off by heart and has beheaded my sister for putting shame on the family by looking at a man (yes a man!) in the eyes without being covered up head to toe that I can not wait for Sharia Law.

I want everything to be Islamic, where I was born was quite Islamic but it just didnt do it enough for me so i thought i'd come here and do it. Damn you Geert Wilders for exposing all us bloody muslims!

In case you inbreds above can't see it, my comments are satirical

Gawain Towler said...


I have seen you with that sharp knife, dribbling with desire to cut.

But I think it was a bacon sandwich.

yasin-conservatives said...

lol! sshh my jihadist dad might read it and disown me! (again) (first time was for joining UKIP :P)

Anonymous said...

You're all ill informed and reinforcing a negative stereotype. You don't even know WHAT they were protesting about.

By the way "Jihad" (holy war) is never stated in the Qu'ran the word is not of their language but that of the manipulative media.

I suggest you get to know their faith...Like all religions there are extremeists and so on. The western world only knows of that. The extremenist and their take of the Qu'ran.

So before making such demeaning comments of their faith and what they were protesting about I suggest you all get off your racist backsides and learn about their history and faith.

From a ranting 17 year old Australia who happens to be studying Islamic faith and everything that entails.

Gawain Towler said...

Dear Anon,

I shall be polite, as you are young and obviously inexperienced, so your intemerate language can be excused.

1 - Islam, as you are well aware is a religion, a system of thought, not an ethnic group. Thus claims that one might oppose Islam cannot be racist. Period. So please sort that one out in your lexicon. If you are going to attack people using that as your arguement you lose before you start.

Next, how do you know that I and the other commentators don't know about the Islamic faith? You assume that as a 17 year old that you know everything. Is it just possible that you might not in fact be in possession of all the facts. Is it possible that the people protesting were in possession of the facts, or indeed I, who spoke to them might be aware of how they saw the faith and the tenets that the faith has against unbelievers? Is it possible that the protestors were entirely honest in what they saw as their duty to protect Islam and its tenets - particularly its rules governing governance?