Friday, September 25, 2009

We wish

Ian Traynor from the Guardian phoned me up this moring to discuss the Gael Poll poll. Apart from suggesting that we willfully pulled the wool over the experts eyes... which as I have already explained we did not, do he comes up with some interesting stuff about the people who conducted the contentious poll some of which I knew and some was news to me.

Slightly annoyed he uses me by name, but hey,
"Politics makes for odd bedfellows," said Gawain Towler, the Ukip spokesman who started the Gael Poll controversy by sending the findings to bloggers, including Mick Fealty, aka Slugger O'Toole, the reputable and award-winning blogger on Irish politics who now believes he was "suckered".
"We're on the same side as the shinners [Sinn Féin]," said Towler. He added he hoped the findings were true, but admitted they were "wildly contrary" to the other

However no complaints there - though I thik Mick admits to have suckered himself, no it is the next paragraph I take issue with,
Ukip and its EU allies have spent millions on the no campaign, leafleting Irish households with lurid claims about mass Turkish immigration if the Lisbon treaty comes into force.

Yeah right Ian, millions. What ruddy millions? We have spent approx 150,000 euros between us in the Group, blown our year's budget on trying to let the Irish see something other than the propgamda of the 'Yes' side.

Whereas, lets think, who has in fact spent millions, could it be the Commission?

Could it be Business?

Could it be the Irish Government?

Come on Ian, not good enough.


13th Spitfire said...

Mate I think you can rest assured that the only people who bother to read his drivel are only Eurofanatics anyway so it wont really matter.

Sure no one likes to be dragged in the dirt but there is no real audience of the Guardian which is worth appealing to.

Anonymous said...

Not so sure, 13th Spitfire. Even as a libertarian blogger, I get a large amount of traffic from the Guardian!

It's not just leftie do-gooders that read that rag. :)