Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oh boy

Well my post from last night seems to have caused some trouble. Yes I did flag it up to two senior commentators, Mick Fealty and to Mike Smithson (and Mike, Yes I am the press officer for the EFG Group including UKIP, honest).

However I advised both of them that I thought it was an extraordinary poll, and that I didn't understand the methodology, but gave them the contacts of the guy who designed them.

Now I understand more it looks like the poll is very dicey indeed, but I diodn't suggest otherwise. Sorry if others took my hope that it was accurate to belief in the same. Indeed in both cases I mentioned that I thought the result was going to be tight, and in my own opinion I feared that the Yes would win - albeit narrowly.

Hey Ho, only a couple of weeks to go, and who knows maybe the 'just wandered down the street and asked people' style of poll will be more accurate than the Irish Times one. Here's hoping.

Nonetheless, if I did mislead either of the aforsaid gentlemen, then I apologise unreservedly.


Anonymous said...

Bill Cash:


Gawain Towler said...

Yup, I saw that presser earlier. No caveats at all from the great man

ukipwebmaster said...

David and Goliath – Taking on the juggernaut of the ‘Yes’ campaign: