Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Besmirching a great land's name

Now I am very fond of the place, you know land of The Jags, heather, sporrans and the like. But today any thoughts of Scotland have been ruined by the woman masquerading as a Law Officer, the vastly over promoted Baroness Scotland.

The fact that she has been convicted of a crime.

That she has been fined £5,000

None of this is wildly strange, it happens all the time, a quick glance in the court reports will tell you so. But that she has the sheer brass neck to fail to resign when she is the Government's most senior law officer. When she was responsible for taking the law that she has fallen foul of through the House of Lords.

That just beggars belief.

As a country we base our civilisation as much on the concept of equality under the law as anything else.

We are a high trust (or at least I thought we were a high trust society. See the Anglosphere primer on that one).

If we jettison that concept of equality, that this woman can keep her job when anybody else would find themselves fired scares me to my roots. Yes maybe she is going to pay her debt to society when she signs the check. But as a member of the House of Lords we cannot summarily eject her at an election. Remember a new Labour peer is for life, not just for a parliamentary session.

As part of the Blairite, new labour destruction of our governing institutions she stands out like hat statue of Justice on the Old Bailey, you know the one, Justice, arms akimbo, diaphanously dressed. In one great mit the famous trusty sword of justice and the other the scales of justice. But this time, she is not wearing the blindfold, no, she is wearing a veil, and beneath the veil she is giving us a knowing wink.

Moreover that Nick Clegg can then say something about the affair like this to Kevin Maguire "..he thinks Baroness Scotland needn't resign. Depressing if one of the few Black women in public life must walk".

Who gives a brass farthing if she is black? Lets get this straight Mr Clegg, try this thought experiment.

If Vince Cable had done the same, would you gave expected his resignation...? Yes of course you would.

So would you not expect the Attorney General to live by the same standards as a middle-class white male, such as your esteemed Treasury spokesman? Obviously not.

So does that mean you think that Baroness Scotland is in some way morally unable to live up to those standards?

And why is that?

Because she is a "black woman"?

Isn't that a tad... what's the word, Oh yes, racist?

Isn't it?

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