Wednesday, September 23, 2009

British interest defended!!!

Well if German Finance Minister Peer Steinbrueck is to be believed. Astonishingly, and entirely contrary to all recent tradition.
"There is clearly a lobby in London that wants to defend its competitive advantage tooth and nail,"

Well blimey, how terribly uncommunitaire of them.

I suppose it is just a shame that it isn't the British government or opposition, just Boris Johnson, UKIP and the city.

Of course Germany would never defend German economic interest, perish the thought.

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Budgie said...

All of the continental countries are far more nationalist than the UK. Just look at the cars on their roads. German cars in Germany; French cars in France; Italian ... well you get the picture.

If the europhiles weren't so keen to prostrate us for the EU's delectation we would get a better deal out of the EU. Then - who knows? - the great British public might end up being less against the EU. But then, being dim is one of the qualifications for being a europhile.