Thursday, September 24, 2009

They do't like it up 'em

Here is Dick Roche, Irish Europe Minister running round like Dad's Army's Cpl Jones screaming "Don't Panic! Mr Mainwaring, Don't Panic!" in the Dail yesterday,

"Minister of State for Europe Dick Roche described the political opinion of UKIP leader Nigel Farage as a “bigoted, narrow, insular, little Englander view”. He said he disrespected people such as UKIP “making mendacious claims that have nothing to do with Irish life”.

During a Dáil question on the Lisbon Treaty referendum debate, Mr Roche said he had told Mr Farage that “I do not object to his views because of where he comes from but I object to the views he expressed” in the leaflet issued by Europe of Freedom
and Democracy Group to every residence in the State.

“It is a bigoted, narrow, insular, little Englander view that has nothing whatsoever to add to political debate in this country and certainly it is not a view held with the
interests of the Irish people at heart,” he said."

Repeat after me Mr Roche,

The man, not the ball. The man not the ball...

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