Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Beat up a Smoker today

See the blood, revel in the camera work, marvel at the artistry. Then demand your money back.

This sort of film, glorifying in violence is part of the malaise. It's extroadinary isn't it that a film made by the NHS should be so unpleasant in a violent way that even Youtube put it behind a firewall?

The mindset of those who made, directed, paid and commissioned this should be questioned seriously. By all means talk abou the health impact of smoking. But glorify in a man being beaten up by an invisible assailant? The only invisible assailant is the state. The smoker knows that smoking is bad for him.

Hat Tip, Dick Puddlecote


Pat Nurse said...

Compare the video tactics of today's antis with those of 42 years ago. How did they get so nasty?

Anonymous said...

hmm, yes maybe - but isn't the point that smoking is like beating yourself up?

As for the smoker knowing it's bad for them - I'm not so sure that's always true.

Pat Nurse said...

I don't agree. The man in the video isn't beating himself up, someone else is. The only cause for those sort of injuries is physical violence. I do know the risks associated with smoking, btw, but I've never had a black eye yet!

If the smoker in this video was sitting in his own armchair at home, instead of walking down the street to an isolated place, where so many smokers have to go these days, then I might accept the message as the makers say they intended.

However, there is a moment at the beginning of the video when the smoker passes someone,immediately before the violence starts, which introduces the idea of a second person being involved.

We know that since the divisive public smoking ban, there have been many instances of attacks on smokers by anti-smokers and vice versa. This sort of Govt backed violent propaganda against smokers gives the wrong signals and is not helpful in the health debate.