Monday, March 16, 2009

Your new Secretary General

Klaus Welle is the grand fromage, the greese eminence, the grand pooh bah of the Parliament. He was formerly the Secretary General of the EPP, then moved as Chef de Cabinet to Hans Gert Poettering, and has today become the Secretary General of the Parliament,

And this is his message to the troops,

"We are privileged to serve one of the last great visions alive: to integrate Europe through compromise and negotiation leaving behind centuries of war and conflict and regain our sovereignty together on the world stage in the tradition of the great French civil servant Jean Monnet whose house close to Paris is nowadays a European Parliament property. The European Parliament is the voice of 500 million people having united peacefully and overcome the divisions of our continent in order to shape their future together. Wherever life has placed us: we are invited to contribute to this great ambition.
Whether it is legislation on climate change or the efforts to develop a new framework for the financial markets in the midst of a major crisis it is the European Parliament
that is at the centre of parliamentary decision as otherwise only the US-Congress is. And all of you contribute to that success: whether as demenageurs, as personnel file handlers, translators, as collaborators in committee secretariats, press people or whatever other function.
Our responsibility is to provide the best service possible to members. 785 personalities have been elected in 27 member countries to serve their countries and the European interest as a whole. They deserve the best quality support possible. I ask you to take this as the guidance for whatever we are doing."!

Collaborators... no comment. But really the condescending tone is glorious to behold. We, the serfs, salute you Klaus.


Anonymous said...

Santa Klaus?

Budgie said...

"Our responsibility is to provide the best service possible to members."

He actually means to themselves - the troughers.

John McClane said...

What's a demenageur? Is it a removal man?