Monday, March 16, 2009

Now I'm a putative arms dealer

I am a resourceful chap and all, but I didn't realise quite how until I received this,

The Chief Officer,
My message is from Iraq. My name is Dr. Mahmud Ammash; this is a Contract
Invitation from Iraq. My benefactor in the Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki regime is the Director General of the Budget Department/Debt Management Office (DMO) of the Ministry of Finance, He has mandated me to seek for your co-operation in a multi million Dollars worth of contract supplies on various goods and equipments, from:

Armored Vehicles Supplies.
construction equipment
Civilian Aircraft.
Hospital Equipment.
Water Treatment Plants.
Water Recycling.
Hydro Electric Power Plant (on the River Euphrates).
Agricultural and Irrigation equipment.
Crude Oil Mining and Shipment overseas.
High Tech and Telecommunications equipment.
General Air Purification and Filtration.
Financial Services;
Heavy duty construction and Earth moving Equipment.
Machinery and Metal Tooling.
Medical equipment &
Health ProductsComputer Products,
Hardware &
Electronic Equipment &
Waste Disposal Equipment.
Air Polution Control.
Building and Estate Management.
Buses and Cars for ultra mordern urban transportation network.

We are interested in buying products from your esteemed organization for
the Iraq Reconstruction Program.

Kindly arrange to send us, by e-mail attachment, update on pricing with applicable terms for all products as supplied by you at your earliest, including shipping schedule to UAE Free Trade Port for our reference to Iraq Reconstruction Board.

Should you be interested, please send your response to this email address

Looking forward to an early response

Dr. Mahmud Ammash

N.B:100% upfront payment for all supplies.

Tell me, should I get involved?


nbc said...

Well, the .az suffix is Azerbaijan so I'd steer well clear.

Anoneumouse said...

Was that to your 'euparl' e-mail adress

An Anonymous Well Wisher (of sorts!) said...


Gawain Towler said...

That was indeed to the europarl address

Anonymous said...

If I wire you the monies, would you be able to purchase: Armored Vehicles Supplies; Hospital Equipment; General Air Purification and Filtration; Heavy duty construction and Earth moving Equipment on my behalf. Thankyou.

Georges said...

Go for it. I have seen far more questionable procurement coming out of (and into) Irak.

Terrapod said...

It is the new version of the venerable Nigerian scam. Having seen how contracts are structured with Iraq, this is a definite scam, do not even bother responding.