Friday, March 13, 2009

Farage gets support from East Anglia

Graham Dines is the (dare I say) veteran political correspondent of the East Anglia Daily Times. Whilst no supporter of UKIP he has always given us a fair crack of the whip. So I was pleased to see that he had understood Farage's point made this week in Strasbourg.
"I've found a soul mate when it comes to the insane suggestion of Chancellor Alistair Darling that British taxpayers should become responsible for the debts piled up by governments around the world which can't even use an abacus".
"Well said Nigel. I'm quite happy for the government to have an aid programme for international development, especially if the money is spent in those former British colonies which have at least have the pretence of being democracies.
But there can be no bottomless wallet in these unchartered waters of financial excess and incompetence. It's all very well for The Guardian reading soft left to support overseas aid instead of ensuring we are adequately protected from international aggression, but that's not the real world.
Taxpayers have shelled out more than enough cash in propping up Northern Rock, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Lloyds-TSB without being asked to underwrite dictatorships in central Africa".
The point is is that supporting free trade does not mean supporting free movement of people. The is no mention of that in Adam Smith. It is of course nice to be nice and admirable for us to help out those worse of than we. But we can only do that if we can afford it. Remember Thatcher's comments about the good samaritan.

The thought that we should throw a hundred billion at the Eastern countries when we are strapped for cash is one thing. Being told that we are doing it because it is not just morally good for us but in some way it makes economic sense is quite another.

The pretence that if we give them the cash they will buy our goods is risible, and Darling, Brown and their friends on the European Council know that only too well.


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Budgie said...

I know we are giving aid to China - yes the country with more cash than it knows what to do with.

There are so many areas where the UK government could cut back without affecting front line jobs.

State cuts must come, the economy is in such dire straits. If we cut now we can choose the cuts that are least detrimental. If we leave it too late we may be forced by circumstances or the IMF to cut indiscriminately.

Anonymous said...

giving money to other countries as bribes so that they will hopefully trade with us is a joke.
that's tax payers money being used to get a country to sell us products that we buy, as well as pay tax on!

as for foreighn aid, giving dictators money is just stupid, it doesn't get to the people.
when they give food and medical care to the people, it's not helping them, it's just a thirld world benefit system.

give them training as well as food and tools, first for agriculture and water supply.
that allows them the meens of survival.
then give them training for industry, by companies within those industries, this allows them to build their own economy and infrastructure.

the people benefit, business benefits.
but only in countries where the dictators do not have power, otherwise they will just take everything once again, as is happening once again in zimbabwae.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

"The pretence that if we give them the cash they will buy our goods is risible"
So can't we just send them stuff " Made In Britain " instead of cash ? I'm sure they will love us for it.


Anon,we always used to give them education and training in our businesses and universities so that they could improve thier own countries,unfortunately they now say screw you to thier countries of origin and stay here where they do not have to work at all.