Thursday, October 02, 2008

Why is it that when defending liberty, it's always the bastards who have to be defended first?

Gerald Toben is hardly a pin up boy for liberty. A holocaust denier and it would appear anti-semite. But the fact that he was arrested yesterday by British police, on British soil for a crime that os not on our statute books is just wrong.

He was arrested for the 'crime' of Holocaust Denial. This maybe a crime in many countries on the Continent, but it is not a crime in the UK. He has of course been arrested on the European Arrest Warrent, on a request from a court in Manheim, Germany.

Why should we care about such apparent low life? Well sadly it is the principle. The fact that he is an Austrailian citizen, being arrested in Britain for a crime that apparently took place on the web is neither here nor there. It must be a principle of justice and liberty that you should not be able to be arrested in this way. The Metropolitan Police by acceding to the German Court's wishes are acting like uniformed bounty hunters.

The fact is that this is thought crime, and Her Majesties finest should in no way be rounding people up for what they think.



Why do you refer to this man as a bastard?simply because he refuses to believe a myth foisted upon us all,which if brought to court today,would not stand scrutiny?Freedom of speech however is vastly more important that this holohoax drivel,unfortunately the sheeple did not join us in trafalgar square to protest the imposition of thought crimes legislation,or on any other occasion that a demonstration was held,so presumably they are happy to be tyrannised,but sadly they will drag all of us who are apt to use reason to deternime our attitudes to the same gulag that they are about to occupy,all for a supreme invention of the jewish mafia,we should be supporting him personally ,not adding insults and aiding our despotic enemies in thier indefencible whitchhunt.

dirty european socialist said...

It is not a myth. You are the sheeple for thinking the holocaust is a myth. It has been shown many times to be true. Only attention seeking and evil people would deny ther holocaust happened. You insult people who have been murdered by cruel evil bullies. You insult the memory of dead children for your sick sneering pride of being seen as exciting for saying evil ideas.
Hitler spoke many times of his hatred and desire to destroy jews. We have Mein Kampf. People are not as dumb as you think. All you have to do is read Mein Kampf and see how he wanted to get rid of jews and the eastern europeans. It was all written out.
He will just a get locked up for a about a year. Your lot massacred innocent people.

Gawain Towler said...

Englishman, you may have a point and it was a little knee jerk of me. I stand corrected. I have not read all of what he has said. Thus I am displaying as much prejudice as any other.

That being said, whatever he has said, as long as he has not called for violence against another or so on is no reason to arrest him

Yokel said...

Of course, when they are trying to "push out the envelope" they will pick on those with least public support. That is how they have managed the whole frog boiling exercise so far. Everyone will say something like "When they cross the line I will start to object, but this is not it". If the Eurocrats leave a long enough gap before their next great advance, all the objectors will start again from zero, forgetting that they should be considering previous actions.

Gawain Towler said...

Yokel, that I think is the point, well put.

Rifleman said...

As usual, Dirty EU Socialist misses the point completely - and Yokel hits it spot on.

If you think about it, isn't that the way the EU was slowly built out of the original Treaty of Rome? Moving the goalposts, a little at a time, and then leaving them until people forgot they had been moved, before moving them a little further.

Yes, it ALWAYS starts with people who are either clearly villains, or can easily be portrayed as such - but it never stops there. First the REALLY nasty people, then the very nasty people, then the somewhat nasty people, etc, etc.

I totally disagree with the view expressed by Englishman, that the holocaust never happened. The eye-witness accounts and documentary evidence are, to me, compelling.

But I wonder how Dirty EUS would feel, if his aircraft were to stop off at Dubai, and he was arrested and shipped to Iran, to stand trial for the crime of , say, criticising Islam?

Dirty Euro said...

Rifleman that is like saying that all extradition treaties should be stopped. Grow up. He denied a serious law in a serious democratic nation. I do not see how you can bring up jews as a defence for this man.