Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I wonder what the exam looked like?

Meet this chap. Slavi Binev, for it is he is an MEP for one of the least savoury parties represented in the Parliament. When they arrived after enlargement I took part in a discussion with them . They were interested in joining the Ind/Dem Group, and after about half an hour it was obvious that they were, antio Treaty, anti-Euro and clainmed to be anti corruption. That they were a little protectionist for my liking was neither hre nor there, supporting free trade is not a requirement for membership, opposing further integration is.

Anyhow, I was just looking at his profile and I noticed that his master's qualification was,

"Master's degree in tennis and boxing"
Now would you want to meet him on a dark night?

And just check out the personal team. How many MEPs have you met that have a Archimandrite as part of their staff?


Anonymous said...

AKA Archimandrite Luseferous ????

Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

A knowledge of martial arts is far better than a law degree if you want to get into Slav politics. The Mayor of Sofia is a karate expert and former head cop (not in the same mould as Brian Paddick though). And Fluffy in Moscow is supposed to be good in the dojo, if rumours can be believed.

Gawain Towler said...

The two of them cordially hate each other, My chap is a former Tai Kwon Do champion.

"In 1987 he was among the founders of Khan Asparuh – the biggest club in martial arts in Bulgaria. The then government disliked this fact since they believed that the club was an open act of expression of the free will of the young people in Bulgaria.
However, due to the establishment of Khan Asparuh, thousands of people from the country started to believe in its founders and in themselves as well. They started to believe in true mutual help and the real values; they learned to respect the spirit and personality of each individual. And regardless the enormous difficulties accompanying the establishment of an independent organization under the conditions of the totalitarian regime, Slavi Binev and his followers succeeded because the people who were with them shared the same dreams.
In the first years after the democratic changes in 1989 Binev was again among the people who pawned everything, including their life in the name of the establishment of the new civil society. Together with Assoc.Prof. Tsvetan Tsvetanov, he was among the founders of Protection Association, since he realized quite fast that when the country is unable to protect its citizens, the society must self-organize its protection.
Despite the dismissal of Protection by the authority and the ostentatious shooting of Assoc.Prof. Tsvetanov, Slavi Binev did not become reconciled, just the opposite – he continues, though in many cases alone, his struggle against the turning of our country into mafia and against the corruption of the legal system during the so called Transitional period".

Reading between the lines they are both pretty scary types. Protection...Oh Right