Thursday, October 02, 2008

Honoured I am

I was beggining to feel he didn't care, but finally I am honoured to have been visited by Dirty European Socialist. He is not quite up to his usual form, but we take our blessings where they fall. In reference to the Irish No vote we have this,
It was a fix, but you refuse to see it evil won the day the american neocon ignorant moron neocons fixed the vote to weaken europe. It is ladyboy morons who do not realise eisenhower and Chirchill were right to support european unity.

The syntax, the reasoned arguement are all there as you can see.


Anonymous said...

And the spelling!

Mac the Knife said...

Congratuations! It's a badge of genuine distinction, and overdue.

I wish you many happy hours of hysteria.

Dirty Euro: said...

You are a paid civil servant who gives his opinions on a blog. Who has been threatened with ther sack if you continue to give your opinions. The same happens in the UK. Why did some hysterical people act like your blog had been electronically shut down.
I accept you should not lose your job, but why this sort of issue is complicated. Would a civil servant in the UK be allowed to blog against the UK government?
Why did the Euroskeptics act like you had been banned from giving an opinion. This blog is still up and running. In the USA if a civil servant blogged against the government I have no doubt they would be fired in an instant. All you got was some sort of warning.

Why do you euroskeptics have to be so hysterical.

Anonymous said...

I've put Dirtym Euro on my "favourites list". He (or she) is an absolute hoot.
Rod The Brit

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the extra m

Rifleman said...

So Dirty Euro thinks that, because someone is a government employee, they have no right to free speech? What next? Are they not allowed to vote against the government in an election? That could be seen as 'acting against the government', couldn't it?

Funny how, when the pro-EU posters try to defend it, they shoot themselves, and the EU, down in flames every time, and merely confirm our worst suspicions.