Monday, October 06, 2008

No valium for the market

Brussels is convulsed in a general strike, that has closed down the metro, buses, trains, some schools and lord alone what else, the stroll acros the greay city this morning was quiet as the Brusselaars took the opportunity to blame the Unions for not being able to get to work. Why are they striking?

They are protesting about the increase in the cost of living. They may as well be striking against the moon. In this moment of finacial madness to strike against the rise in commodity prices is bannanas in the extreme, pointless, expensive and self defeating.

Outside the Bourse in the centre of town, Nescafe had set up a merchandising stall, that was doing a roaring trade with the various Trade Union reps. The Socialist, Liberal and Chritsian Democrat (yes officialy humanist but they are still Chritian Democrats) unions all have different uniforms and make quite a colourful display, if in a 'Habitat' primary-colours fashion.

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