Monday, October 06, 2008

Statement of the bleeding obvious award of the day

Goes to Alistair Darling with this priceless comment,

"It does demonstrate the problems that arise when member states take unilateral action because of course it does have a knock-on effect with other member states"
Er yes.

His prescription though is fatuous as it is unreal. By demanding that national goverrnments act in ways that are counter to their own interests, for a putative common good is going to get him, and us nowhere.

They and he have a duty to their own people first. Something that he should think about if he ever remembers his Privy Council oath. It is partially because of the attempt to agglomarate power at the centre with a single set of rules that has lead us to the static and unresponsive situation we are in now.

Not only that, to act in ways that are not in the national intert will be seenas a betrayal by the elctorate. Not really an impression you want to create if you want to keep your job.

Is the Euro zone really worth sacrificing everything for? Is Europe really tring to tell us that it believes in the rule of law, that the Treaties are worth the paper they are printed upon?

I think we should be told.

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