Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Book Review: Operation Red Dragon

Operation Red Dragon
Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe

Maybe people can remember the propaganda comic produced by the European parliament, Troubled Waters, known dismissively as 'Broken Waters'. Not to be outdone in the wasteful expensive and pointless child focussed prop, the ALDE Group in the Parliament have produced an equally awful graphic novel of their own. Again we have an intrepid female MEP battling against corporate evil doers. Last time it was the dreaded chemical industry, this time it is the arms trade.

Gloriously the ALDE book is even worse than its parliamentary predecessor. Elisa Correr is the heroic MEP in question and she is caught up in illegal arms sales to the dfictional, but North Korean country of Dong Fang.

The tension is unbearable when her journalist boyfriend is taken captive by rogue elements in the Dong Fang military. Will the conference of Presidents back her motion? Will the plenary reject her amendment? Will she be strangled in the ground floor press room? Page turning, stomach turning stuff. I will not ruin the plot, but suffice to say as one of the main characters does at a tense moment,
"We'll have to raise it with the group first. I'll put the proposal on the agenda of the next preparatory meeting for the Brussels mini-session".
Printing these books in all languages is an expensive business. The artwork is pretty good, but the message... Don't start me.


Anonymous said...

Go on ruin the plot.

Rob F said...

I might get a copy and pass it on to my grandkids. When the EU finally collapses it'll be nothing more than a historical curiosity and maybe they'll be able to flog it on ebay for a few hundred quid.

Alternatively, I could always use it for toilet paper.

CIngram99 said...

Where are you Gawain. Why nothing to say on the Irish referendum? If you're hungover we´ll understand, but I'd love to hear about looks on faces.