Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Getting desperate

Aerlingus has taken out an ad today in the Evening Standard. See that little smudge in the bottom left hand corner? It reads "Part funded by the European Commission: Peace and Reconciliation Programme".
Since when did free flight from London to Dublin have anything to do with solving the age old troubles in Ulster?
Or is this a not so subtle way of enticing thousands of London based Irishmen and women to fly to Ireland in time for the referendum, courtesy of the the taxpayer, via the European Commission.
At the very least it has to count as campaign financing.


Jonathan M. Scott said...

Surely a 'no fares' fare is illegal under some EU directive? Another reason for Irish people to vote NO!

You can be assured that NO voters are more likely to come back and vote NO than the YES camp.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Good find!

Ian_QT said...

Or maybe it's to say: Come and buy a pint for an Irishman for taking the opportunity to do what we were denied the chance to do by our craven government.