Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Pakistan's policing choice: why Scotland Yard not Europol?

There is something odd about the fact that Scotland yard are in Pakistan helping to find the assassin(s) who killed Mrs Bhutto.

Today we hear that after a meeting with the plod, spokesman has told the press that Musharraf,
"assured (the investigators) of his full support and said that they were totally free to conduct their probe, and no one will interfere in their affairs."
Which is an improvement on his previous position which was that they would not be allowed to go on a "wild goose chase" into claims the government was behind Mrs Bhutto's killing.

But all this begs a question. That is if you were to call in the best coppers in the world would you go to Ian Blair's New Scotland yard? Or was Musharraf tapping a deep historical and cultural vein in the Pakistani people?

Think about it, there is no way that the majority of the Pakistani people would accept an investigation by the Pakistani police as they see them as fatally compromised. But if they know anything about policing then their historical memory stretches back before 1947 and Independence but to the "Call Scotland Yard!" of popular culture, of Inspector Lestrade and Agatha Christie? Is this not an example of the depth of the ties that bind the Commonwealth.

After all today they could easily have called on Europol to do the job.


Anonymous said...

Europol is not an executive police agency. It has no investigators, so forensic back-up no nothing. Europol is just a clearing house for information. Moreover, it has no mandate form the 27 EU Member States to 'go' somewhere and to offer help.
I understand your need to out your grievance based on historical sensitivities but if you want to make a point, use proper examples....

Elaib Harvey said...

Obviously nobody told Mr Kouchner