Monday, January 07, 2008

So what influence does Britain have?

People often wonder, and often aloud what influence that we have over the US. Here is an answer (From Michael Yon's latest post).

Many British seem oddly ignorant of the influence they exert over the many Americans who tend to view the UK like a brother-nation whose advice they are
free to accept, argue with or disregard, anything except ignore it out of hand. Britain is the one country whose words seem to resonate in the US. Perhaps this respect is due more to the credibility of the British character, or maybe it is our shared history and common values, and perhaps it is also because America does not naturally doubt Britain’s motivations. Britain is the one country that can call the emperor naked, flagrantly say we are wrong, and not suffer animosity.
It seems to me to be a fair summary.

It is in a post that talks about the improvement in the situation in Basra in the months following British withdrawal from the Palace.

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