Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Interesting access

Had an amusing email exchange with a news agency today,

Further to our earlier conversation.

You can now access our newswire service http://www.xxxxxxxx/ as part of the Police Federation’s subscription.

Please logon using ‘EHarvey’ as your username and ‘EHarvey1’ your password.

I have attached a user guide for you, but if you have any queries or would like a remote demonstration or some training please do not hesitate to call/mail me back. As I mentioned I will also let you know the next time I am in Brussels to see if would be convenient to meet up.

In the meantime here is a link to our user guide - http://www.XXXXX./frg

Kind regards

So I wrote back,
Did you really mean the Police Federation's subscription? Should I tell them?
Obviously not,
That’s two New Year’s Resolutions broken; ‘I must not cut and paste’ and ‘I must proof check all emails’

Please excuse
I suppose it is Tuesday

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