Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Is this the end of life as we know it?

The terrifyingly named internal European parliamentary committee the Committee for Prevention and Protection at the Workplace (CPPW), has had a meeting the results of which might cause some who work here a litle disquiet,
"The brainstorming session was the result of the EP Secretary-General’s invitation to the CPPW last August to consider whether the EP should regulate alcohol consumption at work".
This is the sort of dictatorial and authoritarian type of stuff I came here to fight.
Worse still they came to some decisions,
"Points of agreement

Most round table participants felt there was a need to:

1 - lay down rules, (Lay down rules, well yes, they are bureacrats, that's what they do).
2 - hold those in charge to account (Why not hold those doing it responsible)
3 - dare to discuss the problem with those concerned ("Oi mate, you're drinking too much you know... " I can see the response now)
4 - define responsibilities (You get the first round in)
5 - offer opportunities for withdrawal programmes (Eh?)

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