Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Everything they have we must too

Further to the signing of the Eurogendfor Treaty last week I bring you this thought. It is apparent that the UK cannot be a full member of this new European Paramilitary police and at best/worst we can have partner status due to the simple fact that we do not have a pre-existing paramilitary police force.

Is it is in the light of this that we must look at the Conservative plans drawn up by Dame Pauline Neville Jones, a noted Europhile, who served as the Chef de Cabinet for the British EU Commissioner Christopher Tugendhat in the late 70's and early 80's. As the chairman of the Conservative party's National and International Security Policy Group she was responsible for the report 'An Unquiet World' that was produced at the end of July this year.

The headline story at the time was about the creation of what the reports describes as a
"dedicated force with a permanent command headquarters to provide assistance as and when requested to the civil authorities in the event of a major terrorist incident or other national emergency".
Her comments at the time were revealing, "We feel there needs to be a small force which is readily available, properly trained and has a command centre dedicated to looking after our territory at home."

This of course would be the creation of a UK paramilitary force.

It would be wrong to suggest that this policy suggestion on behalf of Baroness Neville Jones and the Conservative party was in any way linked into the European Gendarmerie, but it is astonishing how many times that seemingly unrelated policy positions and activities by the mainstream British political parties happen to fit hand in glove with plans by our European masters.

Indeed one can ask, we in Britain have the Army for high-level threats to national security and we have the Police for crime detection and prevention. What is the need for a military or paramilitary "homeland security force"? Unless it is to get us into line so we too may say we have a militarised and centrally controlled police force, so that we too may be integrated into the EGF.

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It can only be that having abused all european electorates by denying them thier democratic rights,the polit bureau fears widespread violent resistance,it can not use our own soldiers because they would not fire upon thier own people,and the police are too busy being nice to queers,so the only answer is armed politicised para-militaries whos alliegance is to the polit bureau and they will most definately on any people that they are commanded to.