Friday, October 26, 2007

Brave Mann

This week I have been mostly laughing at the Lux Film Prize, the new European Embassy in London, odd amendments to legislation, "the illuminist ideal of a sublime dignity of man" and other assorted European Parliament tomfoolery. However someone pointed me to the website of Thomas Mann MEP and it is a corker. Mr Mann is quite a chap. An MEP since 1994, Vice Chairman of the Parliament's Employment Committee, and all round good chap from a federalist point of view.

However what on earth possessed him to post these photos on his website is beyond me.

Me in my bedroom,
Communing with nature,

My staff.

In the light of Mr Mann and friends, it appears that Dan Hannan is running a competition for the most absurd federast site. This page of Alex Stubb MEP's website must be up there.



Something of the lavender about him?

The Aunt said...

In the light of the above, I honestly can't see how European politicians can be accused of not trying to reach out to their constituencies.