Friday, October 26, 2007

Corbett 'right' shocker

But he could have done it better.

One of the most depressing, but sadly all too regular things that Eurosceptics have to deal with is when their own side overeggs the pudding, or worse makes stuff up which allows the federasts to claim, with some justification that we are myth-makers peddling untruths or whatever.

Richard Corbett, no stranger to dishonesty himself, however has got the Telegraph bang to rights over its story about how Europe will be making the purchase of Christmas trees more expensive. For a British newspaper, particularly the likes of the Telegraph, and the Express to come out attacking cuts in agricultural subsidies as they do here, is dispiriting.

EU hikes cost of Christmas trees
A change in European rules could lead to an unfestive cost hike for Britain's top variety of Christmas tree.
Many of the Danish farmers who grow the Nordman fir, which has become popular in recent years because it retains its needles, have stopped growing the trees after their EU development subsidy was cut. Importers say this could mean a shortage and a price rise of up to £1 for a £30 tree.
To do it at the behest of a European Trade organisation is even worse.

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