Sunday, July 08, 2007

Smoke round up (Sunday Pt II)

The fear realy has hit Surrey. Suton's finest have sent out another lady pc PC to warn the lasses of the dangers of have a fag, then being dosed into having a shag, This time it is Detective Constable Kate Elson who spreads the fear,
"Drink spiking does happen and it's been going on for a very long time. "Date rape drugs are very accessible over the internet. They come in a variety of forms including Rohypnol, GHB and Ketamine. But, unfortunately, drink spiking is very hard to prove because it goes out of the system very quickly".

Yadda yadda yadda, ask a friend to watch over you drink yadda yadda yada use odd plasticdevicres to cover your glass yad yadda yadda. They blow it all though

"Sutton police had never detected an incidence of drink spiking, although women had put themselves at risk through binge drinking.

"If young girls feel they've lost their evening and present themselves to the hospital or police, saying something could have happened to them, we have never been able to detect that it's been as a result of drink spiking.
"What we have found is that they would have drunk three or four times over the drink drive limit "When you are looking at that amount of alcohol being drunk by young girls, that will happen. We want them to be positive about their evening out and be aware of all the dangers."

I suppose we have nothing to fear though, now that the Tories are going to stop all this bad behaviour by wacking a whopping great tax on booze. For goodness sake, the English are inhibited (we rather like it to tell the truth) and without liberal application of booze we would never get laid.
Frankly these Surrey Coppers should do these girls for wasting police time. But please don't wrap anti ciggie prop with concern for their well being.

Meanwhile Lambeth council officials are being issued with "smoking pouches" and putting up "gum boards" to try and cut down on the expected increase in litter. The pouches will be worse than useless, indeed my betting is that most will be thrown on the pavement - thus increasing the litter problem. The boards? This is Lambeth, smashed within a week is my conservative estimate.
One odd piece of information, "Almost 80 per cent of Lambeth's streets have litter related to smoking". Eh? Only 80%. I wonder what happens in the other 20%, are the streets so deep in needles you cannot see the buts?

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