Monday, July 09, 2007

By election fever hots up.

This presser from the political maelstrom that is the Sedgefield by-election amused me,

Bored with politics?
Fed up with trying to write about Iraq.Trying to find a new line about the European Treaty,education,social policy and the "new government".
Well why not take a break and come to Sedgefield.Come and worry about regenerating a run down shopping centre in Newton Aycliffe.
Marvel at the fact that Tony Blair was the MP here since 1983 and Prime Minister for the last ten and yet didn't think it was a priority.
Thrill to the news that our three main parties and the local independents think this shopping centre is the hottest political issue of the day.
So if you want to get away from it all come to Sedgefield.If you do come and want to dwell on this topic please don't bother to ask us about it.
If on the other hand you are still interested in politics then by all means contact
Clive Page
UKIP Press Office

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