Sunday, July 08, 2007

Bully for Brontosauri

Those perenial beasts from the Cretaceous period in new Conservativism Clarke and Hurd got together on the sofa at GMTV to add their ha'pence to internal Tory discord over Europe. Clarke was up first And what sanctimonious, self serving deceitful nonsense it was too,
"One thing that will make a Conservative Party electable... will be if we
continue to dilute this absurd, extreme Eurosceptism that swept over the party
in the last 10 years,"

First pile of ordure, "extreme euroscepticism", the closet thing to extreme that the Tory party have managed over the past decade was their short lived support for repartriating fisheries policy. I suppose that Dave has rowed back from that position, but given the economic and environmental disastor that is the CFP is this s good thing?
"I find the idea of a referendum on whether the Polish voting deal was the
correct one and whether you should have a rotating presidency of the European
Council has an inner absurdity.

But of course the demand for a referendum has nothing whatsoever to do with the relative voting weights of ploand and Germany, and Clarke knows this very well. His suggestion is mendacious in the extreme. As for having a permanant President, he presents it in such flippant way as to suggest the background to this is ridiculous. A legal personality, the Charter of Fundamental Rights, loss of veto in over 50 areas, the aibilityof the Council to continue to alter the Treaty without over the table dicussion, the creation of a Foreign Minister and as Jean Claude Juncker points out 99% of the failed and rejected Constitution he doesn't even deal with. The man has contempt for people, democracy and his country.

"And as for the arguments that this is bringing the end to our nation's sovereignty and that all the European countries have now given up their right to an independent foreign policy, that is just crackpot."

Cackpot, so why is there to be a permanent Foriegn Minister - you can call it anything you want Mr Clarke, but it is a foriegn Minister? What is soveriegnty after all other than the ability to make decisions on policy (including trade, agriculture, research and so on in the interests of your own country?

Hurd just dribbled supportively in his wake.

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IanP said...

We must always remember that Clarke is and has been for the past 20 years a regular attendee at BILDERBERG.

Clarke was invited to attend this year’s Bilderberg conference in Istanbul (May 31-June 3, and returning again this year are Ed Balls (which would suggest McCavity Brown isn’t good long term political material, or not completely on board with the Bilderberg agenda), and George Osborne, again raising speculation that perhaps Bilderberg would prefer to see him as head of the Conservative Party and a future prime minister instead of Cameron.