Thursday, July 26, 2007

He really is a scum sucker

That'll be Richard Corbett, First he whinges that the Ashley Mote trial is not attacking UKIP enough,
"It was disappointing to see that elements of the press chose to cover the story without mentioning that Mote was elected as UKIP and spends most of his time hypocritically denouncing the EU as corrupt. Instead, Eurosceptic newspapers turned a story about an opponent of the EU into an anti-EU story, with headlines such as "£70,000 MEP con" and "MEP fleeces taxpayers".
Thus desperately trying to tar all the UKIP MEPs with the brush of Mr Mote's alleged corruption. Then he has the brass neck to say,
"Let's hope that Mr Mote's case is swiftly resolved and that other MEPs are not tarred by his brush".
Of course he wouldn't want to be tarred with that sort of brush at all would he, particularly since he deliberately and publicly broke the Parliamentary rules about using the premises for personal pecuniary gain only last month.

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