Thursday, July 26, 2007

You would have thought they might have checked

As has been mentioned before the EU is planning to amalgamate its buildings in London so that there is one full EU embassy type building. After a long and exhaustive search - and yes I have seen the documentation they decided to ho for a building just round the corner from Westmnster in Tothill Street.
Indeed so sure were they that they were asking the political groups less tha a month ago how many offices they wanted n the new building, that is until they came across a problem,

This is the minutes from the Parliament's Bureau (governing body) from July 11th,
"10. London information office

The Bureau - gave a mandate to the Secretary General to undertake a local property survey to select alternatives for a new suitable building, following the late request from the owner of the foreseen location not to fly the European flag in front of Parliament's Information Office which was not an acceptable condition to Parliament".



Dundonald said...

Hurray. However, as this only offers us temporary respite from the presence of the unwelcome kleptocrats in our midst. When they will finally secure a building that has no such objection to the display of that offensive blue banner, I suggest that a prize should be offered to the first person that captures it; after which, it can partake in a vexilogical ceremony analogous to those that occur frequently on the Streets of the West Bank. A week’s beer money should enlist a few students, what say you?

Scroblene said...

How about an old disused building in Peckham?

Cheap, available with public transport, accessible!

Piss off they say; bastards...