Thursday, July 26, 2007

Well done the plod

Not often I say that but in this case I make an exception. What you can hear is the gushing of crocadile tears,
"The Daily Mirror today furiously attacked British Transport Police for using the Terrorism Act to arrest two of its staff, saying it jeopardised the future of investigative journalism.
Authorities released Mirror undercover reporter Tom Parry and photographer Roger Allen early this morning on bail, after British Transport Police used the act to arrest them at the Stonebridge Park rail depot in north-west London yesterday.
The Mirror disputed yesterday’s reports that the two journalists attempted to put a fake bomb on a Channel tunnel train, saying it was a “tracking device” and part of a series of investigations to test rail freight security".

Colour me delighted by the police's actions. The Mirrors whine doesn't stand up given that,
"Parry and Allen were caught carrying their device by railway staff who asked what they were doing on the premises and then called the British Transport Police.

Yesterday a Mirror spokesman defended its journalists. “Last year, Mirror journalists attempted and succeeded in planting a fake bomb on a nuclear train, which highlighted serious security lapses,” the spokesman said".

Sounds to me like the Police were merely doing their job.
And if the Mirror are so concerned about the saftey of frieght trains surely they should be delighted that their two hacks were lifted.

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