Saturday, June 23, 2007

Live blogging the Council


Ok, so maybe not quite that dull, but pretty close.

For your edification here we have the press room

The only thing that seems to unite everybody here is that they are all pissed off with the Poles.
If they would only get on and agree then everybody could go to bed.

Update on the latest text soon, seems that the Charter of Fundamental of Fundamental Rights opt out is pretty solid

"Article 1
1. The Charter does not extend the ability of the Court of Justice, or any Court or Tribunal of the United Kingdom, to find that the laws, regulaions or administrative provisions, practices or action of the United Kingdom are inconsistent with the fundamental rights, freedoms and principles that it affirms.
2 In paticular, and for the avoidance of doubt, nothing in [Title IV] of the Charter creates justiciable rights aplcable to the United Kingdom except in so far as the United Kingdom has provided for such rights in its national law".

To my rather unlegal mind this looks pretty belt and braces on a UK opt out on the Charter.

We shall see what the rewst of the night has to offer. Me I'm off to the bar.

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