Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Not a good name

Every day a very helpfull chap sends me through EU related cuttings from the British press,
Today he sent me through one which was from last weeks Spectator.
Sovereignty - Letter: Strange kind of love (Spectator, p.28): "Liam Byrne's breathless panegyric ('Rise up, Englishmen', 28 April) on the glories of being British must have left some of us pretty punch drunk. This is a man who eagerly serves a government that has spent a decade transferring the rights of the British to govern themselves out of Britain and assigning them to an EU government in which his own country has 8 per cent voting stock. Most of this has been done covertly, out of sight of a sycophantic House of Commons and without a referendum. This is a man who has been happily destroying what was once Europe's finest constitution and calling it reform. This is a man who reveres an outgoing mountebank who hopes, as his last act, to railroad into law the Merkel EU constitution, a major step towards the superstate and its commensurate end to the nation-state. And once again, without asking the people by referendum despite an earlier binding pledge." From a Frederick Forsyth.

So I queried this,
"Letter from a Fredrick Forsyth" like you know any others?"

His response is a classic,
"KNEW someone would say that, but you never know who might have the same name. After all, at university I was taught by a German called Ulrike Meinhof - constantly being arrested on her way home even though she was a completely different person from the Baader-Meinhof lot..."


Anonymous said...

Vote online about the future of Europe at

One liner: "Human development in its richest diversity" (J S Mill)

Aunty Marianne said...

So, what people are calling a Constitution, might not in fact be THE Constitution, but just A constitution?