Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Go Girl

You know sometimes you recive through the mail one of those chain letters that will of course bring you masses of good fortune, but only if you send it on to 8/10/15 of your closest friends. Of course if you fail you will suffer the most appaling misfortune etc...Don't break the chain.

Well my wife got one that originated from one Anthony de Croud. This included the, ahem, lines,
"In 1967, Bruno received this letter, scoffed at it and did not forward it. Several days later, his son fell ill. He found the letter and forwarded 20 copies. Nine days letter his son recovered".

Which resulted in her firing this little missive to the unfortunate that sent it to her in the first place.
NEVER EVER send this again or anything like it. The sentiment of money not making you fortunate is fine, BUT the message behind it that you will only get luck (and apparently wealth which is surely not the point) if you send it on and the other rather hidden message that you will reccieve BAD luck if you don't really really angers me. If you watched the slide show you will have noticed that 'Bruno' apparently laughed at the letter and discarded it and then his son got sick!!!! Don't send me anything with hidden threats, ever, it makes me so angry: to suggest if I do not send on this letter one of my children may get sick as a consequence is DISGUSTING. Anthony de Croud is a blithering idiot, not only am I discarding his email in the trash, and writing this letter reply all to let you know how angry I am, I shall next track down the idiot on the internet and send him a piece of my mind. By all means pass good wishes onto a friend by email, BUT NEVER EVER link their fortune or misfortune such as the health of their children to such a missive. There are many vulnerable people out there who believe these things and it is wrong.

I was rather proud of her for that.

It appears that the letter has been doing the rounds.


PI said...

I received a similar letter from my sister who lives in America although I have told her many times that I will never send on such wicked rubbish. One wonders at her motives for continuing to do so.
It is an excellent response your wife has written and I salute her.

Aunty Marianne said...

I can't believe that anyone would send a) anybody but more especially b) either of you such an insensitive thing, especially after last year. Tell me right now who it was who sent it, and I will go around and beat them soundly with my walking stick.

Elaib said...

Call off the cavalry, the offender has been suitably admonished and has, in electric form, crawled back with tail between legs.

SpanishGoth said...

Undo it - I want to see Marianne go ballistic

(top response by the missus though)

Tippler said...

Way to go, Mrs T.

Was talking about this very subject with Laura not two nights ago.

I'd love to throttle the bastards. In fact, I'd love to watch Aunty club them half to death and THEN watch Mrs T throttle the bastards.

I come in peace, naturally...

Elaib said...

Have you heard of "death by Insect"?


Right, that's it: I am going to assemble an army of volunteers and, after an extensive breeding programme, we are going to storm the House (at some point when more than about three of the piss-lazy arsewipes have bothered to shift their, fat, obdurate, lard-bucket bodies into work), and we are going to stuff entire families of Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches up all the men's jap's-eyes.

And just to show that we don't discriminate, we're going to shove entire colonies of the fuckers up the female MPs' cunts, where the little brown beauties will rapidly breed in the warm, foetid stink before bursting out of their victims' orifices in an orgy of giant insectoid blood-letting.

Tippler said...

Unless, of course, they send the email to 50 people within five minutes of opening it...


Aunty Marianne said...


That's very very alarming. And ineffective. They're politicians and would only use it to turn themselves into martyrs for democracy.

Surely it would be much more effective to just lock them all each one in solitary confinement so no-one is listening to them.