Tuesday, April 10, 2007

European Parliament gets back to work

After a long (well they get the Thursday as well) Easter Break, the European Parliament got back to work today with a bang.
The Education and Culture Committee was honoured to host two whole Commissioners at its meeting today, Madams Reding and Wallstrom. They were here to witness voting for a name for a new European Parliament film prize. This prize is the brainchild of Gerard Onesta a French Vice President of the Parliament and will naturally be funded by the taxpayer. Now of course the flim industry needs the EP to chuck money at it, but frankly the rukles governing this idea are such that there will be few takers.
Firstly, when this idea was floated the fellow had the bright idea, that not only should teh film encompass all those wonderful 'european' ideals, love, peace brothehood, solidarity and so on, but it also should be subtitled in all the official EU languages.
Yes, the European Parliament brings you text only film.

The prize is to be named the LUX, suggersting that this new round of propaganda will be soft soap.

There again, not sure if these chaps are going to be too happy that the EP has nicked their name.

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quarsan said...

I'm in. I think we should get a team togethe® and enter. All we need is some art wank stuff and something really crap like kids chanting some vacuous phrase in 100 languages.

Then we'd spend the loot on wild living.