Monday, April 09, 2007

It must be in the genes

Gaasbeek Castle, Flanders

We did something yesterday that I have been a little fearful of. Take the smalls to a museum. The good news is that it worked.
I will admit that I was an odd child, the one in ten that actually enjoyed being dragged round country churches and manor houses by my mother. I positively demanded to be taken to hill forts, castles and burial mounds. Couldn't get enough. But I was even then acutely aware that this was not the norm.

So imagine my delight when the biggest of smalls had her first experience of a museum. To my delight, she dragged the guide book out of my hand and let out a whoop of enthusiasm as we went into each new room, pointing out the paintings and objects that were illustrated therein. Admittedly her comments were along the lines of,
"Look, Daddy, princess," as she pointed to a Van Dyke of the Countess of Dorset.
And ,"This is the princesses bed, yes?"
But she is only three, and once we had left and were lolling on the lawn outside in the sun she kept on running off to the castle demanding to be allowed back in.
This is seriously good news.


Mrs T. said...

You failed to mention the smallest small, our two year old who spent the whole wretched visit squirming screaming ducking under velvet ropes pulling at the exhibits and generally every mother's worst nightmare in a musem, my hour of 'fun' was a very drawn out one indeed, but yes the trhee year old was amazing, what a great kid, I blame MY genes for her.

Aunty Marianne said...

Both your kids are gorgeous.

Elaib said...

My darling Mrs T, you were, as always a rock in corraling the smallest being during the visit, may the world rain chocolates and champagne upon your long suffering head.

My dear Aunt, you only say that because you see them when they on public display. A home they revert to near feral status.